Record your farts

Squitter is always on hand to capture your most creative moments.

When inspiration strikes, reach for Squitter and hit that record button!

Organize your farts

Ever wished you could play back your farts at any moment? Well now your dreams have come true.

Tap a recording for playback. Tap the disclose arrow to rename and upload your farts to Squitter Live.


Compete to upload the best fart in Squitter Live (see next screen).

Each time you are awarded stars in Squitter Live, you will climb higher on the monthly leaderboard.

Squitter Live

Squitter Live is a social network for farters.

Upload your farts for others to hear, and listen to other peoples farts from all over of the world!

Add comments to review and leave feedback on farts.


Receive feedback and leave comments on other user's farts!

Just tap the add button and enter a message. Double tap a comment from someone not in your friends list to send them a friend invite.